Our Projects

We love the work we do in helping build more affordable, mobile and modular housing across Canada. Check out just a few of the projects we’re proud to have been a part of.

FEATURED PROJECT 1: Sarah Ross House


Project Location: Vancouver BC

Completed In: 2018 by Horizon North (NRB)

BC Housing | Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency
Sarah Ross House at 4480 Kaslo Street, Vancouver

Sarah Ross House is a supportive housing building containing 52 studio homes. This temporary modular housing project, funded under the Rapid Response to Homelessness program, helps to address the immediate and urgent needs of Vancouver residents experiencing, or at risk for, homelessness.

We worked with the builder team at Horizon North (now NRB) to provide the right products for the goals of the building, working to help ensure that each unit was designed for an efficient build and still feel like home. In a 2019 survey done by BC Housing, 87% of residents reported feeling satisfied with their housing unit and 94% were still in residence 6 months after their move-in, demonstrating a clear positive impact on housing stability for the community.

The project features several of our innovative Vipco products including our damage-resistant abuse-board drywall as well as our Vipco chair rail, uniquely designed to help prevent wall damage while fitting seamlessly into the overall design. These products contributed to a faster, more efficient build and a more durable product, allowing for quicker and easier repairs as required.

This project is named after Sarah Ross, “an early resident of the Collingwood neighbourhood. She was a member of the Neskonlith Indian Band and left Kamloops for Vancouver to escape racism. Generations of her family have resided in the East Vancouver neighbourhood where she lived.”

Resident Photo Credit: Dan Toulgoet, Vancouver Is Awesome



Project Location: Vancouver BC

Completed In: 2017 by Horizon North (NRB)

BC Housing | Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency
220 Terminal Ave, Vancouver

This project was Vancouver’s first temporary modular housing building on city-owned land and is used to provide 40 social housing units to lower-income residents of Vancouver. Each housing unit is designed as “…self-contained dwellings with a private bathroom and kitchen. Four suites were designed to accommodate persons with accessibility requirements and feature customized layouts and a user-friendly adaptive design.”

Our pre-fabricated modular housing products helped the modular builder, Horizon North (now NRB), create these homes faster and more efficiently, as noted by CMHC’s National Housing Strategy:

“Manufacturing and construction took about 6 months – far less than the usual 14 to 16 months needed for traditional construction of a building of this size. The modular approach also saved construction costs – at the time it was built, costs were about $2,142 per square metre, compared with $2,153 to $2,906 per square metre for traditional wood-frame construction.”

Several of our innovative Vipco products were introduced in this project including our abuse-board drywall and uniquely designed chair rail to help prevent wall damage while simultaneously allowing for quicker and easier repairs as required.

Take a video tour of this project, from The City of Vancouver:
Click here to watch

Resident Interior Photo Credits: Alan Berner, The Seattle Times