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We are a leading manufacturer of pre-finished building materials for residential and modular construction, recreational vehicles and a variety of other applications.


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Our cost-effective products are available in a wide array of colors, finishes, and trims. 


We strive to create an unparalleled customer experience from product selection through shipping and delivery.


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What Clients Are Saying

The Vipco staff are really great people, whether it’s management, sales or a call to anyone in the office, they are all friendly and available. They genuinely care about their customers. Vipco staff always take the time to understand our needs.

Modular Housing Manufacturer

The most important factors for me are the personal relationships and price competitiveness, and Vipco hits both of those points for me. That’s why we’ve been with them as long as we have.

Furniture Manufacturer

I would say one of the big things for us is the lead-time, very quick turnaround, when we are in a bind they go above and beyond and overtime just to supply us in time. Sometimes we give specs late and they always accommodate. And pricing is also a great thing.

Modular Manufacturer