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Terminal Avenue Project

BC Housing | Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency
220 Terminal Ave, Vancouver


This project was Vancouver’s first temporary modular housing building on city-owned land and is used to provide 40 social housing units to lower-income residents of Vancouver. Each housing unit is designed as “…self-contained dwellings with a private bathroom and kitchen. Four suites were designed to accommodate persons with accessibility requirements and feature customized layouts and a user-friendly adaptive design.”

Our pre-fabricated modular housing products helped the modular builder, Horizon North (now NRB), create these homes faster and more efficiently, as noted by CMHC’s National Housing Strategy:

“Manufacturing and construction took about 6 months – far less than the usual 14 to 16 months needed for traditional construction of a building of this size. The modular approach also saved construction costs – at the time it was built, costs were about $2,142 per square metre, compared with $2,153 to $2,906 per square metre for traditional wood-frame construction.”

Several of our innovative Vipco products were introduced in this project including our abuse-board drywall and uniquely designed chair rail to help prevent wall damage while simultaneously allowing for quicker and easier repairs as required.

Take a video tour of this project, from The City of Vancouver:
Click here to watch

Resident Interior Photo Credits: Alan Berner, The Seattle Times

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