Vipco Industries has been manufacturing a wide variety of high quality pre-finished products to meet the needs of our diverse customer base for over 50 years. The evolution of the company has provided for the introduction of many innovative product and design solutions. Our knowledgeable staff of dedicated professionals is the core of what we do, willing and able to help you with your next project.


end-to-end support

We believe in building positive connections, working collaboratively together as a team to help you bring your project to life. That means unparalleled support throughout your design and build process, excellent customer service and affordable, ready to install products that arrive on time. 

experienced innovators

With over 50 years in business, we are rooted in the knowledge that has built our industry. With this, we have our eyes on the future, constantly looking for innovative new products and ways of doing business that bring real solutions to everyday challenges. 

community driven

We are team players grounded in collaboration, compassion and community, working to build strong relationships within our team as well as with our clients, partners and community at large.

Our Vipco Bold Guarantee: We Guarantee our product for the Lifetime of your Buildings.


Meet the Team

shane williams


Generally, I deal with a handful of clients as we have a fantastic sales team that does a phenomenal job at dealing with our customers. 

My favourite part at working at Vipco is working with the great team we have here.  Everyone is a true team player, and we are all working in the same direction to make a difference. The quality and character of the Vipco team is second to none.  They are very dedicated and work hard everyday.

Michelle Baseden


I deal with clients on the credit side, with most of my day to day spent managing client accounts. 

My favourite part is the amazing team that we have here at Vipco, as well as the many long standing relationships we have with so many fantastic customers

Rik Cangiano

Director of Sales

As Sales Professionals at Vipco, we work collaboratively with a variety of people at multiple points along a project timeline – from design through to completion, we’re here to help.

My favorite part about working with Vipco is meeting and working with such a diverse group of industry professionals.

Patrick Cheung

Production Manager

I am the one who helps create the products at Vipco. Making sure the machines are running smoothly, and managing my team to ensure project deadlines are met. 

The team at Vipco work very hard, and it inspires me everyday.

Harvey Yung

Production & Purchasing

I communicate effectively with customers and provide them with a detailed shipping schedule to ensure their order is received in a timely fashion.

Vipco has allowed me to grow within the company since 2006.  I started as a Shipper/Receiver,  continued with the role of the Logistics Coordinator, and now I am part of the Production Planning team.  My favorite part about working at Vipco is the teamwork.

Connie Anderson

Senior Operations

I pride myself on customer service, to go above and beyond for any of our customers and suppliers. My motto has always been to “treat customers like how I would want to be treated”

I have been with Vipco for 20+ years, and my longevity says it all. My favourite part is the people.

Rob Lajeunesse

Sales Canada East

Whether it’s by phone or email, I help customers with product needs, benefits, pricing and logistics. 

The team at Vipco is amazing. I work with a team of professionals that truly care about our customer and each other.

Angel Harbison

Inventory & Logistics Manager

I ensure logistics are in order. Coordinating shipping options to meet all customer needs is my main focus at Vipco.

The people I work with at Vipco are fantastic, there are constant challenges that I face that allow me to grow in the company. 

Tammy Stafford

Customer Experience Specialist

I am in charge of all things customer service. If there are any customer inquiries at Vipco, you count on me to be there. 

My favourite thing about Vipco is the people I work with. 

Our Team Culture